This pre-conference workshop is an expert-led and allow for more in-depth skills building into health communication and marketing topics to increase ability and knowledge base. (Please note that this pre-conference workshop is at an additional cost and are only available to in-person attendees)

What Does the Public Really Think? New Survey Insights to Enhance Vaccine Communication Strategy and Build Trust in Public Health

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)

This three-hour workshop is designed to give you access to the latest public opinion data about vaccination and confidence in public health, and to give you an opportunity to practice incorporating insights from these real-time data into an actionable communication plan you can use when you get back to the office.

  • In Part I, you will have a chance to see the latest results from the ‘Building Trust in Public Health’ series at the Harvard Opinion Research Program. This will include surveys from July 2022, as well as earlier, foundational surveys. We will talk together about the broad implications for public health communication strategy.
  • In Part II, you will work in teams to develop a practical communication plan around vaccination using results of these surveys together with your localized insights. The communication plan will be developed in response to a realistic scenario that will give you a chance to preview issues for the upcoming vaccination season.

Cost: $85.00

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